Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Welcome readers, new and old, old and young, to the first in an irregular series of Etherington blogs designed to fit nicely around our regular updates, and to discuss the brighter side of comics. The more observant among you might even recognise the title of this post, as it initially featured on ComicWorldNews, where I held a short-lived column before the site sadly closed in 2008 (I do hope the ol’ Etherington family curse wasn’t responsible ... again!)

Well, the kind folks of the former CWN (gawd rest its soul) have allowed me to resurrect the name and continue to fight the good fight. What a lovely bunch they are.

Anyone familiar with Monkey Nuts, Malcolm Magic, Tusk, MOON! or the forthcoming Baggage graphic novel will know that Lorenzo and I take the art of being silly seriously. We specialize in telling entertaining tales wrapped in thick layers of fun. And it was partly due to this inherent sensibility that I chose to centre my original column solely on the positive side of the industry. There’s more than enough web wordage devoted to negativity but we Etheringtons are all about the FUN. And our sort of fun looks a lot like this.

Over the coming months I’ll be dipping my toe into the warm waters of a wide range of comic-related bits and bobs. From superb shops, to brilliant books; from amazing writers and artists to the joy of sharing comics with family and friends; from events and panels to the past, to the present and on into the future.

And I’ll always – always - be focusing on the most smile-enducing, sky-punching, air-guitar riffing and high-fivingly GOOD side of this biz. Because as far as we’re concerned comics have never been so much fun...

More soon!