Thursday, 19 August 2010

On a recent trip to Switzerland I witnessed something I have not seen since those halcyon days of Beano and Dandy dominance in the late 80's and early 90's ... a comic product being advertised on television. My eyes grew wide as images of Asterix, Largo Winch and Blacksad flitted across a screen in a busy bar. I put down my frosty beverage and stared ... I HAD to have this thing - whatever it was!

Fortunately the product in question had just hit the newsagents shelves and I was able to bag a couple of copies of Planete BD, issue 1 ... and WHAT a marvelous purchase I made!

It is almost impossible to describe how cool this thing is. A weekly encyclopedic, pre-hole punched, 40-page guide to anything and everything in the world of European comics. Just look at some of the contents (apologies for the repro quality of these pics!)

From previews of yet-to-be-released books, to interviews with the most talented creators in the business, explorations of the creative process, historical analysis of defining moments in the medium, and SO much more, this magazine has it ALL! Plus you get a free art print with every weekly issue!

Now for the very good and the VERY bad. The good is the price point of the launch issue...

ONE Swiss franc ... or 99 cents ... or 70p!!!! HOLY MOLY what a bargain.

And as for the bad? It's only available in France and Belgium.

Trust me, if you live abroad and can place an order for this little gem, then do so AT ONCE! 

You'll thank me. Because comics have never been THIS much fun!