Thursday, 21 October 2010

The name Sarah McIntyre pops up a lot in the world of children's books and comics (and often on this blog) and that's because she is both talented and prolific - a heady combination. We Etheringtons have been lucky enough to work alongside Sarah in both the DFC comic and now the library series. Earlier this month Sarah launched her first DFB graphic novel, Vern and Lettuce, and what an utterly charming work of wonder it is!

Sarah turned up at the BICS comic show last Saturday - before winging her way to the Cheltenham Book Festival (honestly, her tour schedule makes ours look relaxed!) - and was kind enough to sign a copy of her superb volume. Like Lorenzo, Sarah believes in giving her readers something extra special ... what a dedication!

As for the book itself, well it's packed full of beautiful pages and charming, amusing stories of a sheep and a rabbit making their way in a difficult world. If you are looking for sumptuous design and heartwarming story telling, then Vern and Lettuce is the perfect book - and did I mention pretty? Cor...

We'll be appearing with Sarah at the Crystal Palace Book festival this Saturday, so be sure to drop by and grab both our graphic novels!

And remember ... THE WHOLE DAY IS FREE!