Monday, 25 October 2010

Some days there are just too many exciting things to share. I have just received through the post, my very own copies of a new series of books created by Pearson Education, in partnership with the DFC.

The BUG CLUB is a new range of books aimed at Primary School classes. It's been produced as a whole-school reading program and consists of over 200 books, including 10 comic books.

Best of all, I'm lucky enough to have work in TWO of these beauties.

Both tales have been adapted from the Strange, Strange World of Weird series I co-created for the DFC comic with our good friend and talented scribbler, Zak Simmonds-Hurn

The first is the Lime Comic entitled Monstrous Trouble, and tells the tale of a large beast with a sweet tooth.

The second is Mirror Magic, a tale of spooky goings-on in a creepy funfair.

If anyone wishes to learn more about the series, or how to order these incredible books for your local primary school, simply head over to the SNEAK PEEK section of the Bug Club site.

Yep, comics have NEVER been so much fun ... especially when schools are using sequential Etherington adventures as a teaching aid!