Friday, 18 June 2010

THE ESCAPE exclusive new print available NOW!

So, Robin and I were at the astoundingly awesome Ink-dot/Howies ESCAPE exhibition opening last night, and we were so blown away by the work in the show. Seriously, if you're anywhere near Bristol between now and the 11th July you NEED to see this show. It's very cool. More details HERE.

I'll be posting some photos from the opening night up very soon.

The launch of the show also means that you can now buy my brand new exclusive print from the show. Here, for your viewing pleasure is the full piece. It's available in A3, A2 and super-big-super-beautiful A1 sizes, and the production quality on these prints is through the roof. Gorgeous paper, super-high quality Giclee printing, they are things of beauty!

To preview and buy this bad boy, go to the prints section of our store HERE.

Oh, and my previous print for the ink-dot guys, featuring Stranski, is now also available in all three sizes. Whoop!