Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holy COSPLAY, Batman!

Well, the mighty MCM Expo has been and gone and left all those in attendance with some quite surreal memories!

If you've never attended this monstrous event (featuring anything and everything related to Movie, Animation and Comic culture) then you've missed out on the single greatest gathering of costumed marvels.

Forget Spidey, Superman and the like, it's almost impossible to describe the variety of obscure Japanese and Korean characters that walk the floors of the Excel centre. Of the 41,000 attendees that make the annual pilgrimage to the show, I would guess-timate that at least 39, 750 are in costume! It's an, er, amazing sight.

Anyway, the DFC Library was greeted warmly by the horde and I had the opportunity to chat to legions of Monkey Nuts fans who all asked the same question: "Where's Lorenzo? He's the talent."

To finish - here's a shot of ME (not Lorenzo, sorry) and the boss, David Fickling
The man's a legend!