Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Monky Nuts advance copies! Sneak peek!

Right, these are awesome. Our publisher sent us through the first super-shiny-still-warm-from-the-presses advance copies of Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders, here's a few shots of us gurning away with 'em!
Let me tell you, these babies are sooooo nice. The quality of production on the the printing and binding of these books is off the scale. Beautiful big hardback bad boys with gorgeous super-rich interior paper stock...mmmm! Good enough to eat!

As everyone knows, September 2nd will be national Monkey Nuts day, and we'll be back in here to show you lots more on the build up to the launch. Of course you can pre-order your copies NOW on Amazon right HERE.

Oh, and it's 1 Day and 17 hours until the launch of The Lore of the Things!