Monday, 16 August 2010

16 Days until Monkey Nuts and the Diamond Egg of Wonders!

There's no denying it. As we draw ever closer to the launch of Sid and Rivet's first adventure, Monkey Nuts fever has begun to sweep across the world, captivating fans of all ages!

But don't take our (somewhat biased) word for it - believe the evidence presented before your very own eyes!

Case Study #1 - This discerning little chap is Rocco Lavender.

He lives in Morzine, France, where he cares for his two elderly parents (Chris and Helen, also pictured).

He is 17 weeks old ... and he KNOWS what he likes!

(My hand was simply there to stop the sheer weight of our comic wonder from dragging Rocco off his perch!)

Case Study #2 - Meet Finley Mannering, 10 weeks and counting. Currently residing in a palatial mountain retreat of his own design.

Fin was so distraught to discover that he still had two weeks to wait before his press agent, Milly (pictured), would be able to secure him a copy that he immediately took to the hard stuff.
Poor little sod.

NB: No beer or babies were spilt in the making of this blog post.