Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Welcome to the party, pals!

Dearest friends, fans and family,

It is our utmost pleasure to invite you ALL to the launch night jamboree for our new graphic novel, Monkey Nuts & The Diamond Egg of Wonders!

And here (TA-DA!!) is your swanky invite in all its swanky glory!

Now if you'd like to attend (and we would LOVE to see you there - every last giggling one of you!) we'd be jolly grateful if you could ping us an RSVP to theetheringtonbrothers@hotmail.co.uk, with a rough idea of numbers (you are welcome to bring as many book hungry friends as you like). This way we'll be able to make sure there's enough stock (and wine) for everyone!

Remember - this is a RARE opportunity to get your copy signed by not one but TWO Etheringtons ... at the SAME TIME!  
Woo HOO!  

We look forward to seeing you all for a night of high-fives and general amusement.

Bring on the 7th October!