Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The tour is ... AWESOME!

We're two days in and already lost for words! Everything about this trip up country is fantastic.
Too busy and, well, quite frankly too knackered to give all the details at this stage but here's a few snaps to set the mood.

One of the most popular questions we've been asked by the BILLIONS of children we've met in the last 48 hours is WHERE DO YOU WORK. Whenever I say we work in a castle however, they just laugh.

For all the doubters out there, the photo above is Lorenzo's castle (look at the battlements/crenellations above his studio window!) and it was taken at 7am, Monday morning, just before we set off on our Northern adventure.

Nice sky!

We always try to travel light and yet STILL seem to pack an immense pile of swag - which can be seen here, delicately arranged on Liverpool Lime Street station.

Flipcharts, laptops, pull-up stands, a thousand different coloured pens (Lorenzo's) all manner of cool t-shirts (mine) and an old gameboy. Everything two growing comic-loving boys need for a road trip.

One last pic? ... better make it good.

This is Tuesday morning on our patio at the first hotel we stayed at.
Yes. 'Tis true. We had a private golf course. Shweeeeet. Neither of us play golf but it's the thought that counts!

A full tour blog featuring pics from all the schools, art from the kids and lots and lots more information will be going live in the next month (ish) but as soon as we've got back we'll get some snaps up to show off all our amazingly amazing new Monkey Nuts fans ... and there's a LOT of them.

More soon ... better get a little sleep ... we've 500 children to make giggle tomorrow.