Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The world of comic creating can sometimes feel incredibly small. It's an industry that can involve as few as one creator, sitting in his or her bedroom/studio/coffee shop, writing and drawing and writing and drawing.

But to take that comic book, or graphic novel or illustrated novel and actually get it into the eager paws of hungry readers takes LOTS more helping hands.

Having just returned from the Bath festival and had a moment to get my breath back I now wish to post an official THANK YOU to everyone who helped make last week's Tour such a success.

To the DFB crew (David Fickling, Hannah Featherstone, Laurence Beck and Tilda Johnson) - without your constant hard work the book would not exist at all!

To Lauren Bennett for organising every last detail of our action-packed Tour - your meticulous timetable kept us from sleeping in or missing a train (both of which were extremely likely!)
But where will you send us next???

To Tony Higginson and the staff of Pritchards Bookshop in Formby - you were 48-hours worth of AWESOME and always ensured we remembered to eat ... gotta keep up your strength when you're on the road!

To Mary and Mike Wynburg from the Corner Bookshop in Garstang - thank you for the trip through the Lancashire hills and for introducing us to Owd Neds Tavern and those MOST appreciated beers!

To Elaine Silverwood and Sue Wardell from the Silverdell Bookshop in Kirkham - your ice-cream ... WOWWWW!
When we next return we're placing an advance order for our very own GO NUTS flavour (banana and peanut butter please!). Thanks for being excellent!

And to all the teachers and pupils from Merchant Taylors Boys, Churchtown Primary, Our Lady of Compassion, Freshfield Primary, St Lukes, Quernmore, Abbeystead, Holton and Strike Lane Primary!

THANK YOU for welcoming the Go Nuts tour into your classrooms and halls.

All these amazing people are just one more reason why comics have never been so much fun!