Monday, 18 October 2010

British International Comics Show Report

There are a surprisingly large number of comic conventions and shows in the UK, considering the relative size of our comic industry and population. Bristol, Leeds and London all host fantastic one or two day events, and the BICS annual show in Birmingham is definitely one to attend. Countless professional authors and illustrators descend upon the city - including Jonathon Ross discussing his new series, 'Turf' - as well as a small army of independent creators including two of my favourite self-published titles, Candleman and Dexter's Half Dozen.

All in all, it's a pretty special weekend.

We've now been exhibiting at BICS since the inaugural show in 2007, which made Saturday's unveiling of Monkey Nuts to the comic public even more special.

Here's Lorenzo smiling with joy, surrounded by lots of lovely books.

For those of you yet to complete your collection (what are you waiting for!!!) the goodies lovingly displayed on our table are The Big Kahuna Malcolm Magic collection (320 pages of nonstop action and gags), the El Lorenzo Sketchbook Deluxe Collection (600 cram-packed pages of Lorenzo's artistic genius covering the last five years of scribbling) and of course, the mighty Nuts!

One of the nicest things about attending these conventions is meeting NEW readers and BICS was no exception. Young or old, male or female, rich or poor, we lured them all in with the infallible promise that owning Monkey Nuts guarantees long life.*

Here's a new fan, Jack, pictured at the start of his new loooooooooooong life.* 

Before we head off to begin preparation for the Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival, I just wanted to let you in on a little secret - the REAL, genuine, number one reason to track us down at a show, a convention, a bookshop signing or just randomly on the street.

Take a look at this... 


This is a sketch Lorenzo added to the inside front cover of his Deluxe Collection for a fan on Saturday.
EVERYBODY who picked up a copy of that book walked away with a different, original slice of sheer comic loveliness adorning their prized possession. True awesomeness in picture form.

So I guess that means we'll be seeing you all soon then ... yes?

(*long life not guaranteed.)