Friday, 29 October 2010

Thank Comics it's Friday - New Review!

When we were kids, Lorenzo and I would look forward to Friday with, well, child-like joy.
Friday was pocket money day ... although this was later moved to Saturday (even at seven, we were learning to roll with the swings and shifts of high finance).
Friday night was chocolate bar night (Curly Wurly or Crunchie please!)
Friday was also, best of all, comic book day!
We each had an order at the local newsagent - Lorenzo his Beano, and me, Battle Action Force - and our comics would be sitting behind the counter, reserved for our greedy mitts.

They were great days. Filled with the innocent celebration of sequential action and comedy.

Who'd have guessed that many MANY years later, we'd be making comic books that look like this...

... or receiving fantastic reviews for Monkey Nuts like THIS from writers/reviewers like Steve Holland over at Bear Alley.

A little taster ... "the ceaseless banter between Sid and Rivet will keep any kid amused and entertained."

And our favourite line ..."There's plenty here for adults who want to unleash their inner ten-year-old: it's pacy, it's funny and it deserves a place on your shelves."     

Speaking as a couple of kidults who never let their ten-year-old self escape - this is high praise indeed.

We're getting that Friday feeling all over again...