Thursday, 11 November 2010

Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival

Back in late October, Lorenzo and I were invited to take part in the Crystal Palace Children's book festival. Now in it's second year, organised as before by top writer and all round nice guy, Alex Milway, the day was a blast from start to finish. But we forgot to take any pics ... except this slightly blurry shot of our breakfast...

Now, courtesy of top young photographer, Emily Grew (who was extremely busy snapping away while we were causing giggles and mischief) we can share some candid moments from our workshop. It was a blast!

Lorenzo and I were on serious finger pointing duty...

...which quickly encouraged the children to join in with some top quality hand raising (that boy in yellow is jumping out of his seat!)

After sharing our thoughts on original story telling with all those young, and older minds, we set about signing and sketching books - which is ALWAYS fun. 

Lorenzo takes more time to customize a book than me (and he's a FAST scribbler) so while he worked away on the last copy, I chatted to fellow comic guru, Gary Northfield - seen just out of shot clutching his own marvelous book, Derek the Sheep.

A final HUGE thank you to Emily for these shots - here's a last pic of me gurning and proudly displaying her very own signed copy of Monkey Nuts!

The day was fantastic from start to finish - we Etheringtons look forward to returning next year when the festival promises to be even bigger and better.