Saturday, 4 December 2010

Optimus Prime and Rivet UNITE!

I'm turning into quite the little fibber when it comes to creating titles for these blogs!

No, the Autobot commander and our very own walking robotic coffee pot are NOT about to appear in a spin-off series (although that would be one funny show). But the illustrious crime fighting duo better known as Monkey Nuts ARE making an appearance in this month's Transformers comic!

Having written for Titan's Transformers title for a while, I probably shouldn't be quite this excited to announce that December's Christmas issue contains a competition to win 10 copies of Monkey Nuts! Also featured in the prize will be copies of the rather wonderful Mo-bot High from our very good friend, Neill Cameron.

There's just something so darned COOL about being a competition prize in an xmas comic special!

Grab yourself a copy today from your nearest newsagent, supermarket or quality comic outlet!