Saturday, 18 December 2010

Wallace and Gromit freebie fun!

A while ago I mentioned that I'd been writing for the Wallace and Gromit daily strip in The Sun newspaper.

Today, as the snow falls all across England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, I thought I'd bring a little unseasonal cheer to our blog with some excerpts from one of my summer tales.

In 'A Snip Above', Wallace attempts to help out his pal, Toni the hairdresser, with the usual predictable hair-raising results. Cue some classic W&G punnery and mayhem...

We'll pop some more strips up soon but if you wish to catch every adventure with the nation's favourite man/dog inventing team, simply nip to your local newsagent.

Right, time for another cracking cup o' tea then I'm off to crawl back under my duvet. It's COLD today!