Sunday, 27 February 2011

Don't worry - YORE not going mad!

Regular Dandy readers will be afflicted this week by a sudden overwhelming bout of Déjà vu. Arriving at the YORE page, their eyes will NOT alight on a new episode in the ongoing adventures of Piggy, Doombar and Elfin. Instead they will be given another chance to appreciate last week's escapade.

It appears that a pack of rabid gremlins (no doubt insulted by Piggy during a Quest) have managed to infiltrate the Dandy headquarters and chucked a sequential spanner in the works.

We've now caught the blighters and given them all a good smack on the bottom and normal Questing will resume on the 10th March.

If you're yet to pick up an issue, then ignore everything I've said and grab your copy this Wednesday!