Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's a funny old Web World ... and a Baggage Bargain!

So, you've made something - maybe it's a book, maybe an album. Perhaps you've fashioned an Elvis wig from your own bellybutton fluff. It doesn't matter. You've MADE something. And then you release it into the wild to be consumed (hopefully) by the entertained masses. But how far can your creation travel?

Well, today's little gem reveals that Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders is available from the Lawyerment bookshop. This is a website that describes itself as:

"...Malaysia's premier and leading web portal in providing a broad array of self-help legal guides to consumers and businesses globally. It is a super useful site at a comprehensive gateway to legal resources."

Bit odd, but if Sid and Rivet's adventures help the international legal community, well ... who are WE to argue.

In other (more sane) news, BAGGAGE is currently available for pre-order via amazon for the cheap-as-a-portion-of-chips-from-a-posh-chippy price of only £6.69.

Go book your place on the Graphic Novel train of adventure - today!