Thursday, 3 February 2011

Many, many, many happy returns....

Today is a rarity ... it is without exception the ONLY time you will not find Lorenzo glued to his desk, scribbling away (well, okay, Christmas is an exception ... and ... er ... anytime we're on the road I suppose ... um ... and whenever we go to the cinema ... okay so there are LOTS of exceptions but stay with me on this!)

Yes, today is a very special day, for it marks the anniversary (many years ago) when my life irreversibly changed for the better. I was three years old at the time and largely concerned with trying to eat anything that wasn't nailed down. I didn't really understand the importance of Mum's words as she explained that I now had a little brother. That didn't matter however as Lorenzo entered my life with the force of a cannonball fired through a castle wall made of matchsticks. He was a wind-up, dribbling ball of laughter who loved chocolate, Lego and passing the blame for his unending mishaps in and around the home.

We were great friends back then, when we didn't even really know why, and we're incredible friends now.

Happy Birthday, buddy! Now put down those pencils and let's make it a good 'un!