Thursday, 10 March 2011

Comic Week gets even Better!

If you're yet to buy a copy of this week's amazing issue of  The Dandy (featuring new Tag Team Tastic and Yore! strips as well as a Professor Popolop Brain-Melting Puzzle page created by Lorenzo) then please head to the shops and do so at once.

For those of you who've already devoured that tasty comic gem and are hungry for more, this is your lucky day!

The latest Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic has just dropped and it contains an eight-page Etherington-penned, action-packed-to-bursting tale!

In 'Repel All Boarders', the Republic fleet find themselves in full tactical retreat after a failed mission. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are being closely pursued by a pack of Vulture-class starfighters, and those dastardly droids can smell blood among the stars. After all, how can two Jedi and a handful of wounded Clone engineers hope to survive a massed attack?

You can find out all the answers by picking up your copy today - it's exciting stuff, I can tell you ... and I know what happens!

Head to your nearest newsagents to snag your copy, or place an order online HERE and never again miss a single lightsaber slice of the action.