Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It's Nice Knowing Friends in High Places

And when I say high I mean thousands of metres above sea level!

My wife and I used to work in the mountains (in the fantastic resort village of Morzine, in France, to be precise) and we absolutely love the snow. It was a delight, therefore, to spend last weekend zipping around the chilly peaks and eating immense amounts of food with our dear friends. Seen next to Mimi are: Helen and Chris Lavender, Milly and Robin Mannering, and tiny, cheeky Finster Mannering (sat on the table in an unhygienic fashion - some kids.)

Oh, and when I say food I mean Pizzas like this....

Both colourful and tasty, I think you'll agree. Hmmmmmmm ...

The weekend was always going to be great fun but we had a lovely bonus when as discovered that Chris and Helen had hung an original piece of art, created by my wonderful wife - she's a writer now, but she's always been a talented artist - above the bed in their spare bedroom. How cool is that?

Very cool. That's your answer.
Many thanks to all our friends, for making us feel so at home in the hills.

And now, to end, a charming shot of an Etherington giving a subtle thumbs up while relaxing beside an open fire.
Because it's not all work, work, work round here.