Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's a numbers game, folks!

Two bits of exciting news, tied together (in the loosest fashion) because they both feature, er, numbers.


First up, old readers, new readers, happy readers and blue readers alike will be delighted to learn that the preorder price for Baggage - our next graphic novel - has just dropped from £9.99 to £8!!!

That's one mighty saving for such a delightfully constructed hardback, full-colour, action-adventure-comedy - even if we say so ourselves! Don't delay, order yours today!

In other NUMBER related news, Tag Team Tastic has been battling bravely against the mighty Harry and His Hippo and yesterday we managed to break the 1000 vote barrier! 

(This pic is courtesy of Mattias Adolfsson - an exceptionally cool Swedish illustrator who combines a great blend of Lorenzo's mad detailing and the simpler cartoon style of Lewis Trondheim)

In fact, as I type, we've now nearly hit 1500. Madness.
There's still a day or two to go and ANYTHING could happen!