Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sensational Swansea School Session!

Three weeks ago, the Monkey Nuts machine rolled into Swansea for a day of workshops at the Morriston Comprehensive School. This was a particularly important visit as we were the first authors to EVER visit the school! Gulp ... no pressure then!

Our worries rapidly evaporated in the presence of school Learning Resources Manager, Jennifer James, who was even more enthusiastic about the day than us (and that's hard to do!). Despite having returned from a school trip to Poland the night before, Jennifer had delivered the goods. Rarely have we entered an event space to find it so superbly decked with Etherington-related images!!!

(For anyone reading this post and thinking of hosting a children's author event at your library/school/festival, I cannot overstate the importance of creating this sort of display weeks before the writers/illustrators arrive. The kids love it and it helps build a great pre-show positive buzz.)

After a superb morning session in the main hall, we reconvened to the library for a special bonus workshop with the school's Comic Club. 40 lucky creators from across years 7-10 had the chance to delve into our Comic Cookery Workshop. And boy, did these guys have some superbly funny ideas!

 The day done, we were about to leave, tired but happy ... but there was one more treat in store.  While we had been talking to the children one of their teachers had been quietly, privately sketching a pic of ME!!!! How cool is that???

Thank you Jennifer and all the staff at Morriston for giving us such a warm Swansea welcome. We cannot wait to come back!