Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Right, I'm sitting here, surrounded by boxes eating cheese on toast for breakfast, which can only mean one thing...we're moving house! Yep, this may be my last post for a while as I may be - GULP - without the internet for a while! GAAAAAAAAAAGHH!!! Still, at the end of it all I'll get an awesome new studio, so that can't be a bad thing! In the meantime, it is, of course Dandy day! Our adventure series YORE! continues apace! Today's post is the lineart for a popcorn machine from the third season of Professor Popalop's perplexingly puzzling puzzle pages which I just completed, and which will also run in the Dandy in the coming months.

So, my time in this studio is coming to an end, and it's been quite a ride, I drew both Monkey Nuts books, all my Dreamworks pages, Baggage, YORE!, Professor Popalop and begun three very big new series that you guys don't even know about yet within these four walls (and a turret). Who knows what the new studio will hold?! That's what I love about drawing, you never really know what's coming next!

See you on the flip side!