Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Scribbler Monster MADNESS!

Earlier this year we were invited by Scribbler to create a comic workshop for their superb magazine.
We had a fantastic time and the finished interview, article and feature looked like THIS!

There was also a special competition for readers, in which they could win one of five copies of Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonder. All they had to do was create their own monster. The results were announced in the current issue (April-June).

I don't think anyone was prepared for the awesomeness of their response!

We secretly hoped the Scribbler readers would rise to our challenge, but the quality of the entries was remarkable. Better still each creature came with a back story written by the children. These were every bit as inventive as any of our own creations!

It was a horrendous challenge selecting the winners but we finally agreed that the five seen above were absolutely fantastic.

In joint order of excellence (starting from the single picture on left page, moving to the top left picture on the right page and continuing clockwise) we were proud to proclaim Ollie Thomson (and his creation Strako), Hannah Liddle (and Delph), Esther Lambert (with Wheelie), Dominic Cooper (and Galactob) and Nirvan Barua (with the mighty Premo Tiraginoid) as our famous five. We hope you all enjoy your prize.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, and look out for more Etherington Brothers' competitions coming soon!