Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Comic Memory...

As part of the Brokenfrontier week-long exploration of the British comic book world, I was asked to share a reminiscence from our childhood - something nostalgic that touched on our early discovery of comics.

I was almost instantly struck by a singular experience that has shaped both Lorenzo's career and mine. Here's an excerpt from the article to give you a taster:

"Our Granddad, who sadly passed away many years before we joined the comic industry, used to buy us books from his local library. The library service in the UK often held sales of older editions, damaged copies, or simply less popular books, and Stanley "Buster" Brown (he even had a comic title as a nickname!) never missed an opportunity to grab a bargain. And so, one fateful Saturday, on one of his visits to the family home, Buster presented us with an aged copy of Asterix and The Great Crossing. In French. Now, we had never heard of Asterix, knew nothing of the 21 books that preceded this volume, nor could we speak a word of French, but by the end of that day we had worked out that 'Fin' meant 'End' and that those plucky Gauls where the greatest heroes EVER invented!"

That cover still gives me goosebumps.

I heartily recommend you read the full feature as it contains recollections from Peter Rogers, Cy Dethan and Steve Beckett.

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