Friday, 12 August 2011

A DANDY daze!

While Lorenzo continues his slow but steady recovery, it is up to me (and my forgetful nature) to keep our blog bubbling along with the latest news and info. A task which I have obviously failed to do, as there hasn't been a "DANDY Day" announcement in weeks!

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry.

With only four weeks left to run on their current YORE adventure, Piggy, Doombar and Elfin find themselves in a grubby spot as their search for the missing quest page leads them to the local rubbish DUMP!

Aside from the usual helping of gags, nonsense, comedy violence and pretty pictures, Piggy takes a moment to reflect on mankind's wasteful nature... 

...or something like that. 

You can grab your bonus-sized summer helping of Dandy goodness from any newsagent of supermarket with a little class!