Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Story!

There's no denying that writing for Transformers is great fun. I mean GREAT fun. To play with these iconic characters is an honour, and I'm lucky enough to have worked on strips from Transformers: The Animated Series, the live-action films, and (soon to come) the CG series, PRIME. Most of my tales are stand-alone strips, devised to live within the universe of each individual franchise, but rarely impacting on the main events of the show itself. 

Every once in a while however, I pitch something that gets wrapped into the bigger picture, and this month's issue of Transformers: Dark of the Moon features just such a story, penned by me and illustrated by Dario Brizuela

If you've seen the movie (I'd better add potential SPOILER here) you might remember that Sergeant Epps - played by Tyrese Gibson - had left N.E.S.T. after many years fighting alongside the Autobots. No particular reason is given and this rather irked me. I came up with a story and 'Dealing with the Devil' was born:

"High in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Spain, NEST forces are engaged in a ferocious skirmish with Soundwave. During the battle a battle-bruised Bumblebee and exhausted Epps are captured by Soundwave. Optimus negotiates an exchange – himself for the wounded. Soundwave counters with one final offer: Optimus will fight, unarmed, against the might of an armed Soundwave in single combat ... or EVERYONE DIES..."

Ooooooooooh - exciting stuff!

Grab your copy from any good newsagent TODAY!

- Robin