Friday, 9 September 2011

Found in Translation!

Holidaying in France is always a pleasure. It's a country crammed full of great scenery, great food, great drink, and more great comic books than you count on a LOT of fingers. As a devout lover of Asterix and Tintin and all thingbande dessinĂ©e, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to see an Etherington tale translated into French. But I was not expecting to fulfill that dream in a sleepy fishing village in Brittany.

Imagine therefore, the emotional rollercoaster I experienced as I opened a copy of the French Star Wars Magazine (published by Delcourt) and found my own work staring back at me. Actually, dear readers, you don't HAVE to imagine it, as the moment was caught on film.

First came shock...

...then unbridled joy...

...and finally a strange sort of combination of the two. But it might just have been trapped wind.

Sacrebleu! C'est incroyable!

And things only got better when I discovered this month's BD contained a DOUBLE helping of Etherington action. 'Les Canons de Nar Hekka' (formally The Guns of Nar Hekka) and 'Espions et Epices' (originally Spices and Spies) were both illustrated by the ever-wonderful Tanya Roberts.

What a blast. Be sure to follow all the Clone Wars action here in the UK by grabbing a subscription to the monthly comic HERE!