Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Archive footage of Robin Etherington on Drums!

Well, today is a very special day here at Etherington Towers, as it's Robin's birthday!! While you know him as a writer of comics and children's fiction, you may NOT know that he's also an exceptionally talented drummer.

Robin doing his classic "cymbal gum stop" at a benefit gig in 1996.
Having begun his musical career in the mid 90's cover-band-boom, he soon began working on his own material, and formed a long and fruitful musical alliance with "the green man". Here he is in a rare public interview with said bandmate in the fall of 2002:

My bro continued to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior on the stage throughout the noughties, and became known affectionately as "The Party Animal", later shortened to "Party Animal", and eventually, perhaps regretably, to just "Animal".

Robin on his Honeymoon in Las Vegas last year.
Robin regularly worked with female singers, and while these collaborations were, for the most part, extremely successful, there were times when the juxtaposition of a singer's sultry laid back performance could be at odds with my brother's natural rhythmic tendencies.

The following infamous performance, filmed in the hot summer of 2005 at the fashionable Sewer Pipe Club in London's hip Shoreditch borough, has become something of a legend...

Happy birthday bro, keep bangin' them drums!