Tuesday, 11 October 2011

National Literacy Trust Interview

Last month we were interviewed by those wonderful folks over at the NLT in connection with the ComiX Competition we helped them launch. The full transcript from the interview is now available to read online!

Here's a couple of excerpts to whet your appetite:

Within your comics you always construct such vibrant original worlds. What inspires your creations?
"World building is something that we consider vital to our work. The joy of the comic page is that you can go anywhere and do anything. It’s the bridge between straight prose and animation, and as such comic artists have to shoulder a real visual responsibility. A lot of comic creators rely on suggestion as a shortcut to design, but there is nothing better than watching your characters actually step into somewhere fantastic, where every nut, bolt and leaf can be seen. We take inspiration for our environments from real life and fiction in equal measure. In Baggage we frequently blend eastern and western architectural details, while adding another layer of pure imagination. That’s the greatest way to create something that feels both familiar to the reader and yet original."

Do you think that blogs, and the internet in general are now so popular that they threaten more traditional forms of reading?

"It’s important to remember that radio, cinema and television were all seen as the potential death of traditional reading at one time or another, but the pleasure and the uniqueness of the reading experience continues to survive and thrive. The internet, Kindles, iPads and readers all essentially serve the purpose of promoting literature. If the Kindle is Amazon’s bestselling product, then (self-publishing arguments aside) it is a good news story for books in general. The trick for writers/readers, and the industry in general, is to utilise the strength of these tools.
We spend a lot of time ensuring that our blog is an environment that promotes the joy of creating and reading in equal measure. Oh, and it’s fun. And filled with awesome pictures."

If we do say so ourselves! And there's a LOT more where that came from.
To read the full interview simply click HERE!