Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Trio of Top Baggage Reviews - Part 2!

A second helping of fun today, as we journey to the Forbidden Planet International blog where Mia (a year 6 pupil) has generously shared her thoughts on Baggage in an exclusive review.

So what does our youngest critic (to date) have to say about Randall's tall tale?

"Once he (Randall) gets the case he starts looking at it for clues for who it belongs to, which starts us off on a really funny, really silly, but very good adventure."

Well now, this sounds positive!

"I liked this book because I found it funny. My favourite bit was when he was in the sweet shop and the old lady was making rude things out of liquorice!"

Ha, that was MY favourite bit too! So tell me, Mia, who do you think will enjoy our book?

"I would recommend Baggage to all readers because I really enjoyed it and I think that anyone else would like it as well!"

You can't say fairer than that. Children know what they like, and this young adventurer just gave us the thumbs up - HOORAY!

To read the full review, go HERE!