Saturday, 3 December 2011

Baggage chosen by the Guardian as one of its Children's books of 2011!

Saturday mornings do not get much better than today.
Over coffee and fried eggs we discovered that our latest comic adventure, Baggage, had been selected as one of the Guardian newspaper's top ten Best Children's Books to give for Christmas.

Seriously ... how cool???

If you have time to grab a copy, or have already purchased one, we can be found on page 18 of the review section. If you missed the Saturday paper, you can read the full article ONLINE but here's that all important review summary:

"With its strong sense of pace and drama, Baggage shows the Etherington Brothers' reputation as creators of great comic stories, told equally skillfully in words and pictures, going from strength to strength."


2011 has been an absolutely phenomenal year for our little studio, with more projects lined up, more fans met (young and old, longtime and new) and more positive feedback garnered, than ever before. But to round it out with a top pick from the Guardian ... the paper that first introduced the world to Monkey Nuts back in early 2008 ... well, that's just about the best present anyone could hope for!

If you're still looking for that elusive gift, and this feature has piqued your interest, you can buy the gift of giggles for any/all members of your family/friends HERE!