Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Watch out AFRICA - here come the Etheringtons!

Okay, well, here comes ONE Etherington ... but the impact is sure to be the same!

We're off to the beautiful country of Rwanda to visit friends, see the mountain gorillas in the wild (and maybe even the mist) and, best of all, bring the adventures of Monkey Nuts and Baggage to a nation without comics.

And children with a flag this cool deserve comics!

The kind folk at Random House have given me a big pile of our books to gift to the schools I shall be visiting, but I cannot imagine that what reaction the ridiculous tales of Sid, Rivet and Randall are going to have.

Love? Hate? Complete and utter confusion???

Sharing our experiences with any child is a privilege, but to teach children who may never have seen a comic before, and for whom English was only adopted as a national language two years ago, is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

I shall try and blog from Kigali - the capital city - but failing that, I'll be sure to share all the wonders of the trip upon my return.

- Robin!