Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Book Brunch serves up a side helping of Etherington!

Okay, this one's a little belated, but dropping it ahead of my NEXT post-haste post-Rwanda post (trying saying that ten times fast!) seems rather apt.

Last Thursday, Book Brunch - that online bubbling cauldron of tasty publishing titbits - got wind of my tiny African escapade and decided to spread the good word even FURTHER.

Which is basically awesome.

In case you're struggling to read the TINY text on this screengrab, my comments read something like this:

"When I was first approached with the opportunity to visit Rwanda my mind turned instantly to the unforgettable events of 1994. I had no distinct concept of the country or its people outside the remit of that unforgettable tragedy. But there is nothing greater in life than witnessing first hand the strength of human nature and so, thanks to a good friend working with Paul Kagame's government, I found myself transported to the 'Land of a thousand Hills' - a verdant, vibrant country more captivating than I could ever have imagined. 

"But I wasn't simply here to enjoy the sites, I had a mission: to bring comic books to a nation that had never seen one before, and to try and teach the basics of comic storytelling to as many children as possible."
Erm. Actually, that's exactly what it says!
MANY thanks to Book Brunch for making this visit a newsworthy piece.
- Robin