Monday, 27 February 2012

Cardiff Comic Caper!

On Saturday Lorenzo and I visited the capital of Wales for the Cardiff International Comic Expo. Like Alice in Wonderland, I made the mistake of consuming the contents of a bottle marked 'Drink Me' before I was snapped in the following pic, and I continued to shrink all day. Compare me to Lorenzo below, who had gobbled a whole plate of those quick grow 'EAT ME' cakes.

There are many reasons to pop along to a comic show and meet us Etheringtons but high on that list is the chance to get one of our books daubed with a Lorenzo original sketch. He does NOT believe in scrimping on the details...

We always see a lot of familiar faces at these shows but there's a special joy to be had from meeting new creators just joining the party. One of those who particularly impressed us was Rianne Rowlands. Her artwork was superb, a punchy killer combo of great design and superb colouring, but her passion for illustration didn't stop there ... just check out THIS tattoo. Amazing work by tattoo master Jesse Smith ... it took 12 hours to complete - ouch!

But no sooner had the show come to an end than the next appeared on the horizon!

The Bristol International Comic Expo, on May 16th-17th, will be our 25th UK Comic Convention - and if that isn't worth celebrating then what is? To mark this momentous occasion we'll be launching a brand new ultra limited edition sketchbook - ONLY 25 COPIES (did you see what we did there?).

Now, anyone who's had the opportunity to dip into Lorenzo's giant 2005-2010 Deluxe edition will know the quality of the work held within those pages, so trust us when we say these babies are going to disappear fast. In the spirit of fair play it'll be first come to Bristol, first served - so grab a ticket and get there early.

See you in May comic fans!

- Robin