Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Von Doogan's Army!

So, as many of you now know, the best use of email these days is for sending in your solutions to the Von Doogan weekly brain-benders in the Phoenix comic, in the hope of snagging the title of WINNER and bagging yourself something cool in return! Well, I'm pleased to announce that the first few puzzle champions have now been announced, and they are....

Episode Zero: ‘The Chattering Totem of Tukaluk’ 
- solved by AMY PERKINS
Episode One: ‘The Nine Locks’
- solved by WILLIAM MACKIE
Episode Two: 'The Big Mysterious Package of Mysteries’
- solved by JAMIE TODD
Episode Three : 'The Big Engine Trouble Puzzle'
- solved by SOPHIE KING

HUGE congratulations to all those who sent their solutions in, and if you didn't win, have HEART! There's another opportunity to become an honorary Dooganeer each and every week, only in The Phoenix!

Want more Doogan? You can get clues to each puzzle, watch the Doogan trailer and keep up to date with the puzzle master himself on his very own web page HERE!