Tuesday, 24 July 2012

News Tuesday: WIN OUR BOOKS & See Stunning Tour Poster!

Some days you've just got too much to share and not enough time to write it all down.  Without wasting a second let's get to the good stuff.

Recently we were approached by Lendmeyourliteracy, an online initiative aimed at promoting the creative work of children in primary schools all over the country with the intention of raising the standards of literacy.  One of the goals of LMYL is to spread enthusiasm for reading and writing and making by allowing teachers and students the opportunity to present their positive learning experiences online.  We know from years of working with young students on comic material, that the best way to encourage creativity is by promoting group working, and the LMYL are certainly doing that.

We were delighted when they approached us to (a) be a part of the site (and you can view our special Etherington Brothers page HERE) and (b) run a COMPETITION!!!

We love competitions, so, all you have to do to win a signed and sketched copy of Monkey Nuts and Baggage (nice!) is draw your own comic character, then write a brief description of their unique features. 

HINTS TO WIN - Make your character look and sound as FUNNY as possible, and use as much descriptive language in their profile as you can!

Send a scan or photo of your pic, together with their description to - admin@lendmeyourliteracy.com



The second news item for the day is largely a celebration of teachers, learning resource staff, literacy coordinators and school librarians.  Since September 2011 we have been on the road, roaming up and down and left and right and visiting as many schools in the country as we've been physically able to reach.  We have often been treated like dignitaries, showered with cakes and coffee and treated brilliantly by staff and students alike and during this time we have noticed a wonderful raising of standards.  But for once I'm NOT talking about literacy ... I'm talking about RAZZAMATAZZ!  

Getting students excited about an author visit is tricky but every gimmick helps and we've been blown away by the efforts of each new school on the tour.  Our final trip of the year was a local adventure, as last week we hopped in a cab and journeyed to Downend Technical College in South Gloucestershire.  We spent another laughter filled day talking to the entirety of their Year 7, but what really stood out for me - if I'm honest - was THIS poster:

I mean to say, that is something special, right?  Wowzers...

My overriding memory of the last 10 months will be one of genuine creative endeavours; both IN the classrooms, festival tents, libraries and book shops with the children, and ON the venues, as time and again the materials made to surround our visits were fashioned by hardworking members of staff going that extra mile to make the day memorable for the kids.  We salute all your efforts, and not least of all Tina Hanks and her colleagues for the masterpiece above.

Here's to the new school year where we shall try to raise the bar even HIGHER!  Hehehe...