Thursday, 20 September 2012

1st Plymouth International Book Festival

Having grown up on the South Coast, we Etheringtons feel a close affinity with the ocean. Our Dad is a keen sailor, our older brother William used to live on a barge, Lorenzo ... er ... likes ice cream, and I like sunbathing. Er, yep.

Anyway, you can imagine our pleasure at being invited to the inaugural Plymouth Book Festival, the first show we've done where the stage actually overlooks the open sea.  The setting, beside the lighthouse on Plymouth Hoe was brilliant!

After applauding the winner of the first Plymouth Young Laureate and watching her receive her prize (Ailie Kerr, and an iPad no less!) we took to the stage for laughs, lessons and comic-based japes.

We then spent an enjoyable hour chatting to the audience and signing and sketching pictures for all the children (and adults) present, before hopping on a train back to Bristol.  We were honoured to be part of a brand new festival, and in such sterling company (not sure Simon Callow was impressed by my Jenga-style tower of banners, but you can't please everyone!).

Many thanks to Kate Wilson and all the festival staff for making us feel so welcome and for all their help and assistance. We look forward to returning in the future!