Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Awesome college work by Jen Smith!

Right, this is tooooo cool! The talented Jen Smith, who many of you UK peeps will know from comic expos over here, recently sent me a package containing a quite simply awesome treat! Inside the little cardboard box was a small "wooden" crate, and inside that was a tiny sculpt of a monster from one of my illustrations! This was a piece of course work Jen produced for her college course. In Jen's own words:

"For this brief we had to design and make a promotional piece of packaging containing information about 3 digital artists (Delme Rosser, Lorenzo and Nikki Stu) to be given out as a free gift to people coming to an art exhibition."

There's lots more info on what Jen did HERE, go check it out!

Oh, and she got a distinction for the work, so BIG CLAPS all round!