Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Hand that rocks the Autobot...

Halloween is on the way folks, which can only mean another spooky slice of action from the Etheringtons!  Past years have seen us writing creepy comic stories for the Strange, Strange World of Weird (now available as part of the Pearson Education Bug Club series) or producing a bonus Baggage offering in the form of a vampire special for the Times newspaper (which you can read HERE).

This year I've decided to absolutely terrify a small boy and a giant robot because, well, someone has to!  All the shock and horror can be found in Issue 4.12 of the Transformers Prime Magazine!

In 'The Evil Shred' Raf is charged with tending to Bumblebee when the plucky robot is injured during a firefight with those pesky Decepticons. But things do not go as planned after the pair settle in for a soothing night of monster movies at Autobot HQ.  And when I say 'not as planned', please refer to the opening page of the comic as seen below.

Yes ... your eyes are NOT deceiving you ... BUMBLEBEE IS BEING ATTACKED BY A DEMONIC HAND!!!!  Gosh, I love my job.

To get your hands on this thrilling slice of spooky smack-down madness (illustrated by the ever excellent Dario Brizuela), visit any good UK comic retailer, newsagent or supermarket.  Or, for ultimate convenience, you can purchase a subscription to the title online HERE!