Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Star Wars Comic ... in 3D!!!

Well, this is a rather cool surprise for a Tuesday morning. I've just discovered that the latest issue of Titan's Clone Wars comic has been rendered in glorious 3D and comes with an all-important pair of free 3D specs. It's one thing to have the opportunity to write stories featuring your favourite Star Wars heroes and villains, but it's something else to see them leap off the page like this!

In Bane Vs Bane, the infamous bounty hunter, Cad Bane, is forced to returns to his roots when he discovers that someone from his home town has been impersonating him and living rich off his reputation. The gloves come off as Bane single-handedly takes on a small army. Let the battle of the Banes begin...

Brilliantly illustrated by Bob Molesworth, this is one of my favourite Clone tales, and (with the added 3D) my very first augmented reality comic book!

You can purchase this beauty from any good comic shop, newsagent or supermarket or you can order a subscription and buy online HERE!