Friday, 10 May 2013

Scotland, here we come!

Monday sees the start of our exciting Scottish Book Trust tour (proudly and kindly sponsored, as ever, by the great folks at Scottish Friendly). Over the course of five days we'll be visiting ten lucky schools spread across Lanarkshire, and performing ten shows to nearly 2000 children. It is going to be EPIC!

The tour itself was seriously over subscribed. Because we aren't able to visit every school possible, but still want to make sure everyone who showed interest gets a little Etherington love, the Book Trust have provided some free Learning Resources for the classroom, based on our books. You can download these fun tools for the classroom HERE!

We'll be blogging and tweeting to bring you all the roller coaster action of life on the road (seriously ... our hotel is located next to a theme park), so see you soon, Scotland!

Oh, and England and Wales, please don't feel left out. The Hay festival is but a fortnight away and you can buy tickets to our extended show HERE!