Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just another typical day in Bristol...

We love working in this crazy entertainment biz. Creating comics and bringing our imagination to life in the pages of books and on the screen is a dream come true. We also love living in the city of Bristol. It's a fantastic place filled with artists and writers and musicians and actors and loads of folks basically making cool stuff. There's a freedom and an energy in Bristol that encourages the art of DOING.

And probably the most famous Bristolian DO-ERS are Aardman Animation, the minds behind a host of incredible TV and film projects.

So what better way to celebrate the freedom of the city than by filling it with 80 giant Gromits!!!!

I just happened to be heading into town VERY early when I encountered this massive lorry load of pooches. They've been specially made by Aardman as part of their GROMIT UNLEASHED charity art trail, then scattered all over the place. At the end of ten weeks (so you don't have forever to see them) they'll be auctioned off, and all proceeds will go to the Grand Appeal - Bristol Children's Hospital charity.

Boy, would I like to own one of these!

I was particularly taken with the sheer volume of work that had gone into this wonderful statue by Simon's Cat creator and fellow cartoonist, Simon Tofield. I mean, just look at the NUMBER of cats on the leg alone. Brilliant stuff.

As a nice little bonus here's a short vid of Simon in action - hand drawing every last pic...

What a legend. See these incredible statues while you can, folks!  I think they're going to raise a LOT of money.