Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Monkey Nuts for EVERYONE! Part 1 of 5...

To celebrate the 1st August release of Monkey Nuts Book 1 in paperback, we'll be counting down the coming days with great excitement.

Not only is our once-in-a-lifetime, ultra-limited-edition, greatest-comic-auction-of-all-time offer, up and running with only 8 days left to go (all the details of what you might be missing can be found HERE), but we also wanted to take this opportunity to improve your health and happiness with a little handy lifestyle tip.

MONKEY NUTS are a great snack choice because they are:
a) small
b) portable
c) do not require refrigeration.

Which is a rather neat way of describing our forthcoming book!

More fun soon, and don't forget to check the Auction progress HERE!