Wednesday, 10 July 2013

On the road: Hounsdown School visit action!

A fortnight ago we revisited the magnificent folks at Hounsdown School in Southampton for a day of comic workshop fun. The result was hundreds of excited minds, a 3D Diorama presentation featuring us and a giant cake ... and a GENUINE giant cake ... er, also featuring us.

And here we are in action - with wall-to-wall students! Four of the local primary schools trekked to Hounsdown for our first session which was filled with chuckles and great ideas.

There's nothing quite like a big screen for making a big point ... get it? I'm pointing at the screen! Ha! Genius.

But big screens are also useful for making small points. Just look at little Fangles, our onscreen hero, balancing on the point of my hand - no camera trickery was involved!

Wait a minute, this is all fun and games but didn't I mention a 3D diorama presentation featuring us and a giant cake???? BOOOM!

Though the arty crafty wonder of this gem blew us away, it was the real cake that sealed the deal. Here Lorenzo can be seen marveling at the chocolate mastery of premier cake maker and all round super star Bridget Bancroft. Hmmmm, that was a tasty baked treat...

Once again we had a superb day on the south coast. Many thanks to Bridget and all the staff and students of Hounsdown and the local primary schools for making us feel so welcome. We'll see you, and your cake, next year!