Friday, 12 July 2013

Q. How do you build a perfect comic library for your school?

A. You copy the amazing example set by Richard Bruton, Forbidden planet blogger/Librarian/ICT tech/Teaching assistant.

The photos that follow showcase arguably the greatest comic, manga and graphic novel section of any school library we've ever visited - and we've seen some beauties!

The selection seen here represents the very best all-ages and age-appropriate comic material currently available in the English language. Let's have a little look at what's what.

Wow, right? Just ... wow. Makes my personal collection seem rather insignificant!

These pictures are only half the story and the personal effort Richard made to put this all together for the school is incredible. If you're interested in seeing more and learning how to bring this excellence to your own school (and for a detailed look at the actual content on the shelves) head over to the Forbidden Planet blog HERE.

Seriously, this is how it's done, folks. What child could resist a school library that piles this much awesomeness on it's shelves???