Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Heart Bent Out of Shape

Today is a VERY special day as we are celebrating the launch of my wife's fantastic second novel, A Heart Bent Out of Shape.

Emylia Hall is the real deal, folks, and she writes superb novels. Her follow up to last year's The Book of Summers (a Richard and Judy Book Club winner) takes place in the city of Lausanne, a captivating spot on the Swiss Riviera, perched at the edge of Lac Leman and surrounded by mountains. Here, while studying abroad, a young English student, Hadley Dunn, meets Kristina, a beautiful but elusive Danish girl. The two form a near inseparable friendship until one November night when, as the weather closes in around them, tragedy strikes ... and nothing in Hadley's life will ever be the same again.

A Heart Bent Out of Shape is a joy. But don't take my obviously biased word for it! Let's hear from folks who know what's what...

The Big Issue: "Hall confirms her talent for romantic but original prose."

Sunday Express: "Highly evocative and a joy to read."

Marie Claire: "Wintertime love and chilly revelations ... it's a novel that glints with passion."

Susan Fletcher (barn-stormingly talented writer of Eve Green): " tender and insightful as it is gripping."

And if you're in or around Bristol tonight you can see Emylia reading live at the Bird Cage on Clare Street @ Book Slam. All the details can be found HERE, the show kicks off at 8pm, and tickets are available on the door.

Come alone and say hi - it should be a great evening!