Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clone Wars comic celebrates 50 issues with a VERY special story!

This is pretty cool. I've been wanting to share this for ages, and as the comic's now on the shelves it seems like an appropriate moment.

Issue 50 (or volume 6.50, if you like your details) of the monthly Clone Wars comic features a very special Etherington-penned strip.

In a special competition early in the year, readers in the UK were asked to design a brand new Star Wars vehicle, while readers in the US were asked to design a new Bounty Hunter. I was then given the challenge of writing an original story featuring both winners' creations for artist Bob Molesworth to bring to comic life! And he did a cracking job. The result is the action-packed Runaway Ride.

This much fun should be illegal. If you're one of the lucky pair who won the competition, I really hope we did you proud. Your entries were world class.

And everyone can pick up a copy at any self-respecting newsagent, supermarket or comic store, or you can subscribe HERE, and never miss another issue.

- Robin