Thursday, 1 May 2014

100 giants of the comic, animation and games industries in one book!'m very proud to announce that an epic new art book I'm involved in, 21 DRAW, has just gone live on Indiegogo. The book features artwork by 100 of the best comic, animation and games artists in the world, with each artist creating what is effectively a set of incredible original character design model sheets, with multiple poses, dynamic action shots, gestures and facial expressions.

Each artist tackles a different character type, (Warrior, troll, hero, mech, racer, etc etc) and will then produce a series of full illustrations of the character from multiple angles, performing various actions.

What all this amounts to is a 400 PAGE BOOK which showcases a myriad of styles, approaches and character types, by a group of industry leading artists - the definitive masterclass in figure drawing and character creation.

The campaign is live HERE, so head on over, watch the video, pledge some support, and bag yourself an incredible resource. Oh, and it'll have some artwork by me in there too!